Friday, July 22, 2011


"Wasting Light"
Artist: Foo Fighters
Title: Wasting Light
Year: 2011
Genre: Rock
Rate: 7,5

Review: Dave Grohl, ever a people’s champion rather than a media darling, has suddenly become rather hard to avoid. The hype around his seventh Foo Fighters album started before Christmas, when Grohl was announced as this year’s “NME Godlike Genius”; he’s been omnipresent ever since.

You begin to suspect his record label have decided it’s time to match his popularity as American rock’s Mr Nice Guy with record sales. To that end, Wasting Light presses every conceivable button of “Daveness” – his ties with Californian rock aristocracy, his songwriting skill, his yowling rock-beast magnetism, his emotional vulnerability, his domesticity (it was recorded in his garage). Above all, though, it attempts to follow the blueprint of his former band’s world-beating album, Nevermind.

So, Butch Vig, the man who streamlined the Seattle trio’s sound on that mega-selling album, is at the helm. Using entirely analogue tape, Vig, together with top mixer Alan Moulder, brings a deliciously lump-free production consistency to the Foos, who have often erred between the indigestible extremes of thrash-metal and acoustic angst.

Track List: 1 Bridge Burning; 2 Rope; 3 Dear Rosemary; 4 White Limo; 5 Arlandria; 6 These Days; 7 Back & Forth; 8 A Matter of Time; 9 Miss the Misery; 10 I Should Have Known; 11 Walk.

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