Saturday, July 9, 2011


"Ukulele Songs"
Artist: Eddie Vedder
Title: Ukulele Songs
Year: 2011
Genre: Folk Rock
Rate: 6

Well, 34 minutes is a perilously long time for most to to spend alone with just Eddie Vedder, a ukulele, and his feelings for company. Vedder's precious side has never been his best one (see: No Code's "Sometimes"), and Ukulele Songs is so determinedly twee and relentlessly self-effacing that it can feel like watching a grown man attempting to morph into a baby koala before your eyes. 

By itself, hearing Chan Marshall playing Bernadette Peters to Vedder's Steve Martin for the duet "Tonight You Belong to Me" is winning and funny; in the context of a full ukulele album, it is slightly cloying. Vedder has said he wants this record to inspire people to pick up the instrument and sing with their friends, an old-fashioned sentiment impossible not to be charmed by. 

Like a lot of Vedder's experiments, the spirit is easier to admire than the final product. The ukulele might be a great campfire instrument, but sometimes what works best at the campfire should stay there.

Track List: 1 Can't Keep ; 2 Sleeping by Myself ; 3 Without You ; 4 More Than You Know ; 5 Goodbye ; 6 Broken Heart ; 7 Satellite ; 8 Longing to Belong ; 9 Hey Fahkah ; 10 You're True ; 11 Light Today ; 12 Sleepless Nights; 13 Once in Awhile ; 14 Waving Palms ; 15 Tonight You Belong to Me; 16 Dream a Little Dream.

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