Tuesday, July 12, 2011


"This Loud Morning"
Artist: David Cook
Title: This Loud Morning
Year: 2011
Genre: Pop Rock
Rate: 6,5

Review: David Cook must think the greatest era of rock history was between 1995 and 1999, when bands like Better Than Ezra and Our Lady Peace pumped alt radio full of post-grunge jangle. 

Both of those bands' frontmen have co-writing credits on the former American Idol victor's second album, This Loud Morning, which too often uses closing-credits-of-a-Michael-Bay-movie bombast to suffocate otherwise sweet, sometimes whimsical experiments like the album-opening ''Circadian.''

Everything is tempered and deliberate, which isn’t to say it’s insincere: Cook emotes with gusto, never stopping to consider that his singing is lacquered over by all those guitars. So, This Loud Morning winds up as an album that’s primarily textural mood music for the morning, and one that’s not all that loud either.

Track List: 1 Circadian; 2 Right Here, With You; 3 We Believe; 4 Fade Into Me; 5 Hard to Believe; 6 Take Me as I Am; 7 Time Marches On; 8 The Last Goodbye; 9 Paper Heart; 10 4 Letter Word; 11 Goodbye to the Girl; 12 Rapid Eye Movement.

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