Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Gwen Stefani
No Doubt promise a 'modern and catchy and addictive' new album.

The former-ska-punk-now-pop band No Doubt haven't released an album for a decade, that being the multi-platinum Rock Steady (although frontwoman Gwen Stefani has released two in the meantime). They've recently been tweeting excitedly from the studio and have now spoken to Rolling Stone about their forthcoming album.

Bassist and erstwhile producer Tony Kanal said, "Writing with other people is a learning experience but when you come back, and you're sitting in a room together, it feels like home." They worked through 2010 and came out with nine and a half songs, that they have been recording throughout this year in producer Spike Stent's Santa Monica studio.

Although it doesn't have a title and is at least two months away from ebing finished, Stefani said to RS "It's so exciting to have a record coming out. And we all want the same thing: for it to be modern and catchy and addictive. Once you make music that connects with people, it's like you taste blood - you can't go back."

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