Monday, July 18, 2011


Jon Anderson
Sacked singer Jon Anderson says his former band don’t have lives – but adds reunion show might be possible one day

He’s still angry over the events which led up to his being replaced by Benoit David in 2008; without, he says, even being told. Anderson tells Rolling Stone: “People get into that place where they don’t care about people. To them, it’s just business. I’d been coughing so much that the only time I wasn’t coughing was on stage. I just needed a break – but the guys were upset about that. They didn’t tell me anything; they were just off and running.”

He’s also critical of the non-stop approach Yes put into their career, playing as many as six shows a week: “I would never do that kind of tour. It’s stupid. But some people haven’t got lives, I suppose – they want to be on the road all the time. Steve Howe hasn’t got a home. He’s with Asia when Yes are off. He’s a journeyman, like Willie Nelson.”

The band recently released their first single in ten years, We Can Fly – and Anderson claims he’s disappointed with what he’s heard: “The new singer is good, but it sounds a bit dated to me,” he comments. The production wasn’t as good as I expected. They’ve got a great producer in Trevor Horn, so what the hell are they doing?”

Anderson is currently working with former Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman, and says despite his anger he doesn’t miss his old job, which involved the pair travelling in one tour bus while the three other members got around in a second vehicle. He says: “We had the happy car and they were in the grumpy car. We still do Yes songs, but we concentrate more on my new album. I sing more during these shows than I ever did with Yes – I don’t have to say, ‘Turn down the bass.’”

But with such a long history behind them, he believes a reunion might be possible: “If we ever get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame we’ll all get together. We’ll let bygones be bygones.”

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