Saturday, July 16, 2011


A cover of Creem in the '70s
Creem is set to stage a comeback as a print publication. As reported by the Associated Press, the iconic rock magazine will see its presses roll once again beginning in mid-to-late September.

Founded in 1969, Creem gained notoriety in the ’70s as a primary outlet for legendary rock critic Lester Bangs. As a teenager, film director Cameron Crowe also wrote for the magazine. The publication shut down its print operations in 1988, and established an online presence in 2001. “We just feel the timing is [right],” said Jason Turner, board chairman of Creem Enterprises Inc. “There’s so much amazing music happening today, but there’s no filter, no curation happening. We think Creem is a great brand to do this under.”

Turner went on to say he will “continue to honor Creem’s lineage,” which he characterizes as “scrappy.” “Everyone asks, ‘Who is your Lester Bangs?’” he said. “We have to write with personality, and we think some of the best ways to find up-and-coming writers is to open it up to users to contribute.”

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