Monday, June 20, 2011


Anet Mook
Anet Mook, singer and guitarist in 1990s indie band Cay, has died after being apparently struck by a bus.

The musician passed away in her native Holland earlier this month, where her funeral was held last week. Sean Organ, founder of the band's former label Org Records, announced the news of her passing on his blog,

He admitted that details about her death are "a little sketchy at the moment" but that it's believed Mook was struck by a bus in Amsterdam earlier this month. Mook's former Cay bandmate, drummer Mark Bullock, wrote a lengthy blog after hearing about her death - and was less than complimentary about their relationship.

"I should be honest here: I'm not sure I can say that I even liked Anet," he wrote at "It breaks my heart that Anet is dead. Not because I'll miss her personally or because she and I were ever best friends, but because with her death goes a great deal of passion and possibility." Bullock then concluded: "I may not have particularly liked her, but I had a lot of respect for Anet. She was my fucking singer, and I'm sorry that I'll never get to hear her voice again."

After forming in London in the mid-'90s, Cay released one album, 1999's 'Nature Creates Freaks', before splitting in 2000. Mook was known to be a drug user, though it's not thought this was a factor in her death. Little had been heard from Mook and bandmate and partner Nicky Olofsson until news of Mook's death was announced.

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