Saturday, June 25, 2011


"Mr Writer", by Stereophonics
"Mr. Writer" is the first single from rock band the Stereophonics taken from their third album Just Enough Education to Perform. It was released in March 2001. It reached #5 in the UK charts.

The song is track 3 on the album. A live version from Millennium Stadium Cardiff is on the "Vegas Two Times" single. It was written in response to a journalist who had toured with the band and had later given them negative reviews. The song has been attributed as one of the factors that has caused the group's uneasy relationship with the media. A live acoustic version is track 1 on CD2 on the "Mr. Writer" singles, along with live acoustic versions of "Hurry Up and Wait" and "Don't Let Me Down".

The music video for the song was directed by David Slade and features clips of the band performing in a snowy globe and some other clips of the band dressed as clowns driving in a car which soon catches fire and is brutally destroyed. Then the band run off into the dusk at the end of the video.

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