Wednesday, June 15, 2011


John Squire (Stone Roses)
Stone Roses guitarist John Squire pours more cold water on the rumours, calling reunions for cash 'tragic'.

NME reports that Squire scoffed at the idea of reformations to lad mag ShortList, saying, "When it's just a get-together for a big payday and everyone gets their old clothes out, that seems tragic to me." He said that specifically for Madchester legends, "I don't see these rumours as special or flattering. It's a symptom of the times. People who can afford to waste money on gigs now are of a certain age and The Stone Roses fit their brief."

But Squire said if the band are being offered the big bucks, he's not hearing about it. "It's never got that far. I hear rumours, but no-one ever phones me and says 'Will you do it for this amount?" Bassist Mani raged against suggestions that The Stone Roses were reforming back in April after singer Ian Brown and Squire went to his mother's funeral. He told NME "I'm disgusted that my personal grief has been invaded and hijacked by these nonsensical stories" telling the tabloids, 'Please fuck off and leave it alone. It isn't true and isn't happening'.

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