Sunday, June 12, 2011


Jamie Toulon
Jamie Toulon died yesterday in New York City. He is perhaps best remembered as the guitarist for ’90s pre-teen punk band, Old Skull

Formed in Madison, Wisconsin in 1989, the band was initially made up of Toulon (age 9), his brother J.P. Toulon (age 10), and friend Jesse Collins-Davies (age 10).  In 1989, the band signed with respected indie label, Restless Records who released their debut, Get Outta School.  The fact that the boys were not even in their teens yet sang of such themes as AIDS, homelessness, and Reagan-era politics, many critics wrote them off as a novelty act. 

Meanwhile, they continued a to build a solid fanbase throughout the skate punk community.  And perhaps due to their novelty, they were asked to support such acts as Flaming Lips, Sonic Youth and GWAR, and were profiled in such media as “A Current Affair,” MTV News, Life and Newsweek.  In 1992, the band released their second album, CIA Drug Fest but soon broke up.  Toulan went on to play in several other bands, including Apox, Doomsday Cauldron, Star Fucking Hipsters, and Planned Collapse with his brother, J.P.  

In 2010, it was revealed that Toulon was battling drugs and living on the streets, and in August of that year, J.P. died of reasons that were not immediately made clear.  On June 10, 2011, just seven months later, Jamie Toulon also died.  Cause of death was not immediately released.


  1. I believe he died in Lynchburg, VA

  2. Jamie Toulon never lived "on the streets." He squatted in New York and lived around the country with friends and family. As to his death- Jamie choose to end his life in Lynchburg, VA.
    JP died in November on Jamie's birthday.
    They were both very dear friends of mine. Get your facts straight you hack fuck. Please do not post inaccurate or ill informed bits of rumor. It is not hard to research these things in the days of cell phones and internet, and it is your job to be responsible for your work.
    Thank you.

  3. Jamie was panhandling at 23rd St between 5th and 6th Ave near Home Depot often. we were running into each other very frequently the last two years after i stopped going to shows. and of course he mentioned VA as second home...the last two years... Especially the last two years i noticed how his physical condition has been changed and last year to the worst similar with JP. We hang and i always gave a dollar, he liked to call me an angel.. than, i always laughed and wanted to stay longer but couldnt. Of course it is part of the punk lifestyle to destroy yourself..but i never get used to.. Thank you for spending a little time with me at Tompkins Square and in Chelsea when we were running into each other.Thank you for being always so incredible nice to me and others of course, motherfucker. Saw you at Europa club at JP´s memorial, I am glad we talked and you were happy and surprised seeing me... while i was thinking damn man.. Jamie..who can or will make you is so tough. felt very sorry that i usually dont spend time at csquat to do anything. kind of handicapped the whole scene. i would not be welcome there is a shame that this wonderful person is gone. and i can imagine they all miss him a lot. really a lot.

    warmest greetings from a friend

  4. His Funeral was in Lynchburg VA...

  5. @William S Greenteeth I'm sure the author meant no disrespect as to Jamie's living situation. In the WFMU interview that he did several years back, he said himself that he was homeless. That and panhandling equate to living on the streets. There's nothing uninformed or mean spirited about it. Sorry for the tragic loss of your friends.

  6. you all will never fuckin know....i love you boo...XOXOXOXOXOXOXXOXOOXOOXO

  7. Hello, I heard the infamous WFMU interview sampled in a song recently, does anyone know what that song was? Also all the internet uploads of the full interview seems to have been taken down. Please email me at if you have access to either. I grew up with the Toulons.

  8. destroying your body is not "punk". it's called self-medicating depression. punk is not a mental illness.

    thanks. "punker than you for 35 years"

  9. From an immediate family member, who, thru genetics knows...addiction was and is the root. Coping comes from support if it's available and is accepted. It was offered and wasn't grasped from all kinds of loving family...face it Mom left, no strong Dad, brother gone. We are all sad and feel a great sense of loss. Addiction is a disease.

    1. I think there grandparents had problems also......very sad to hear of all the troubles they must have should be a joy.....may they all rest in peace!!

  10. rip jP and jamie, worked w/ both those punks at ocean spray,