Sunday, June 26, 2011


Gregg Allman
Even though Gregg Allman went under the knife in 2010 for a liver transplant (due to his Hepatitis C), he wasn't worried about coming out OK on the other side.

Allman recently spoke to about the situation: "I don't think death crossed my mind twice," the Allman Brothers Band singer said. "I just thought, 'Hey, I got stuff to do!' There was a long time that I wondered [about my voice]. They did the surgery just right above where you sing from. I was in the clear on that one. About four days after the operation, I started trying to sing. And it came back … It was probably the only place on my body that didn't hurt."

Allman said that he's feeling good these days and that his doctor told him that his new liver "likes" him. He'll join his buddies in the Allman Brothers Band for a Hepatitis C benefit on July 27 in New York City. The singer/keyboardist talked about his involvement in the cause. "I just reasoned in my own head, if someone had of come along just a few years earlier and told me, 'Hey, Look! You should go get checked for this thing, 'cause there's getting to be more and more cases, right?' then I would have gone and got it checked and they would have killed it with the medication that they use," he said.

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