Saturday, June 11, 2011


Michael Monroe Band
Ginger has quit the Michael Monroe band, and he’ll play his last show with them next weekend.

The Wildhearts mainman, who plays guitar for the former Hanoi Rocks singer, says one of the reasons for his move is lack of faith in manager Virpi Immonen for his departure – but she also represents his own outfit.
Ginger comments: “I left for a lot of reasons, mainly the management. I didn’t agree with the management of the band, but I didn’t have enough of a position to change anything. Choosing one thing I didn’t like about management policy would be like choosing one hair on a dog’s back. That dog has a very hairy back. It was basically me or the manager – and Michael chose the manager.”

Immonen represents the interests of Monroe, the Wildhearts, Mad Juana and the von Hertzen Brothers via her Helsinki-based company Backstage Alliance, a company which also provides label and agency services.
She says: “It’s pointless to stir up a sensation about this because there isn’t any.”

But Ginger counters: “It was hard to leave something I’d been involved in for 18 months, as you’d imagine. Virpi didn’t write the lyrics and music, so I imagine it wasn’t difficult for her. Although she might be brilliant in other aspects of the music business she doesn’t understand band management. It involves as much psychology as business smarts. You need to be on top of everything, give twelve projections and have great imagination.”

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