Saturday, June 25, 2011


Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed
Kiss mainman Gene Simmons says he’s ready to “do whatever it takes” to repair his relationship with Shannon Tweed – and he’s tried to demonstrate he’s a changed man by apologising to Sharon Osbourne for comments he’s said to have made about her family.

Simmons and long-time girlfriend Shannon Tweed appeared to be struggling to stay together last week when they appeared on a series of TV shows to promote the new series of their Family Jewels reality show.
A clip showed the couple arguing over a photo of the musician with two young blondes, who he claimed he didn’t know – to which Tweed said: “He means he didn’t know their names.”

While it’s unclear how much of the drama was staged for publicity purposes, Simmons yesterday appeared on US show The Talk and vowed to change his ways. Co-host Osbourne began the interview by asking: “Why the glasses, Gene?” He replied: “It’s an affectation – but for you I’ll take it off.”

She continued by telling him how much he’d hurt her: “When you started Family Jewels somebody said, ‘Isn’t it like The Osbournes?’ and you were reported to have said: ‘No, because my kids aren’t on drugs.’ Then the Kiss magazine said there should have been a disclaimer on The Osbournes saying, ‘People shouldn’t drink otherwise you’ll end up like Ozzy Osbourne.’ And you said he was sad. I don’t think my husband is sad.”

Simmons responded: “Rightfully so. Any mother should defend her family. I honestly don’t remember saying those things – but if I did, I was way out of line. Your family is your business and no one has any right to say anything about them.” Later in the interview he said: “I love Shannon Tweed. I want to work this out. I will do whatever it takes to finally grow up and be a man.”

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