Thursday, June 30, 2011


Adam Duritz
Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz is battling severe withdrawal symptoms after choosing to ween himself off mood-stabilizing drugs.

The Mr. Jones singer started taking Lithium pills to better balance his life after he was diagnosed with a form of dissociative disorder, but now the star is committed to getting off the drugs with his doctor's help, despite his body's negative reaction.

Writing on his band's page, he states: "Docs Friday instructions: cut Lithium dose in half - Fuck me - not so good now. Gotta keep pushing/get off this shit. Going faster than I should but it still takes too long. All my friends say how clear & present I am. 'Clear & present'. Horror. Not mutually exclusive...
"Just to clarify: I will not be leading any kind of 'sober life' after this. These are not drug addiction problems. I was fucking crazy. I needed meds. I took meds. Now I'm less crazy. I need less meds. I'm stopping meds. That's it. These meds just happen to have some freaking vicious withdrawal symptoms when you stop so u (you) can't do it all at once (sic)".

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