Sunday, May 1, 2011


"Now I'm Here", by Queen
"Now I'm Here" is a song by Queen. The sixth song on their third album, Sheer Heart Attack, it was written by lead guitarist Brian May while he was in hospital with hepatitis.

The song is noted for its hard riff and vocal harmonies. In the UK, the song hit #11 on the charts when released as a single in 1975. The song was a live favourite, performed at virtually every concert from late 1974 through 1986. It is one of few songs that was not revived for the Queen + Paul Rodgers tour in 2005.

It was featured on the 1981 compilation album Greatest Hits and also on 1997 compilation album Queen Rocks. In March 2005, Q magazine placed "Now I'm Here" at number 29 in its list of the 100 Greatest Guitar Tracks.

Curiosities:  The lyric "Down in the city just Hoople and me" is a reference to when Queen was touring with the band Mott the Hoople earlier in their career. The "city" is "New york". "Hoople" is "Mott The Hoople"; near the end, the lyrics "Go, go, go, little queenie" can be heard, a reference to the Chuck Berry's 1959 B-side "Little Queenie."; In concert, a double was used with lighting cues to create the illusion that Mercury was disappearing from one side of the stage and reappearing on another. The double was actually their road manager, dressed with Mercury's outfit and a wig.

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