Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Mike Mangini
The long running saga of the mystery of Dream Theater’s new drummer has finally come to an end
In the third episode of The Spirit Carries On ‘soap opera’ that has been drawn out on Youtube the band finally whittled the field of seven down to two – Marco Minnemann and Mike Mangini.

In the latest video episode, Mike Mangini makes the anxious call to Dream Theater HQ to find out if he has got the gig. As he punches in the number he says: “This is awful, just awful, just say it… don’t put me through this”

As the call is answered, James LaBrie takes the bull by the horns and puts him out of his misery: “Obviously this is one of the most important decisions of our career. I’m sorry to have made you wait. None the less we have some news for you. We’d like to welcome you to the family”.

Mangini’s relief and delight are palpable as he takes the information on board and releases his emotion.
The video diary has obviously been shot in parts and some time ahead of the announcement as the film cuts to Magnini again he says: “The day I got the call. To be in Dream Theater, it took my brain a minute to assemble what was going on and it was tremendous relief. It means so much to me".

With appointment now confirmed on the band’s official website, fans will look forward to seeing Magnini on the stool during the summer as Dream Theater embark on a schedule of shows kicking off in Rome on July 4 and including a number of festival appearances.

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