Saturday, May 28, 2011


Brian Johnson (Ac/Dc)
AC/DC singer and motorsport enthusiast Brian Johnson has revealed how his first-ever professional car race was nearly his last.

He was taking part in the 12 Hours of Sebring endurance event in Florida, USA, and had just left the pits to take his first trip round the circuit. Johnson tells Spin: “The first time I went out in practice I didn’t put the steering wheel on properly. I was going round the carousel, I turned the wheel – and it was off in my hands.”

Amongst his proudest possessions is a 1928 Bentley, which he says he’s wanted for decades but only recently found. He’s named it Thunder Guts and says: “It’s the love of my life, but it’s a beast to drive. People  think I work out, but it’s not that; it’s steering this thing.”

While the band has amassed a stack of awards during their career Johnson is most proud of a sales award for the soundtrack to Steven King movie Maximum Overdrive. He says: “The film didn’t do very well, but the music’s good.”

And his most prized piece of fan memorabilia is a poster made for the band by Russian followers. The message reads: “For our favourite band from the most crazy fans – you can trust us for ever.” But Johnson says: “I could never write back to them because the address is in Russian.”

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