Monday, May 30, 2011


Jim Morrison's ghost
A North Virginia woman says Doors singer Jim Morrison is haunting her house – and has lain down in bed beside her on a number of occasions.

Morrison died in 1971 after a brief but controversial career which saw becoming one of the world’s first true rock stars. He grew up in the town of Arlington and spent his childhood in a house on North 28th Street now owned by the parents of Rhonda Baron, who says she’s encountered the singer in ethereal form.

Baron tells WUSA9 TV: “I was lying in bed. The spirit lay down on the bed beside me on his back, and turned and looked at me.” Asked if the apparition looked like Morrison she says: “It was like a haze – you could look through it.”

Baron says she doesn’t feel threatened by the presence, which she thinks could just be an unhappy soul which who to be near the place he was happiest as a boy. But her mother says: “He doesn’t come to me – and I’m quite happy about that.” Morrison also lived in other houses in the town, but there have been no reports of ghostly sightings anywhere else.

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