Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Jeff Conaway
Jeff Conaway, star of the musical movie Grease, died Friday from pneumonia, according to CNN. His manager, Phil Brock, said that Conaway, who was 60, suffered from pneumonia and had been in a coma in a hospital in Encino, California.

"He was the consummate performer and entertainer," said Brock. "We're thankful his struggles are over, but we know he will be missed by legions of fans worldwide."

Conaway began his performing career on the stage. He was in the Broadway production of Grease for two years, in the lead role of Danny Zuko. He switched to TV, landing a part on Happy Days and then the movie version of Grease (although Travolta played Danny on screen). Conaway also had a long running role in the TV sitcom, Taxi.

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