Saturday, May 21, 2011


Jay Jay French (Twisted Sister)
Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French reckons rock stars have been replaced as kid’s musical idols by hip-hop and dance musicians – and he says rock is all but dead on both sides of the Atlantic.

French also believes it is the older generation who are keeping rock music alive but he hopes it is just a temporary cycle for the genre. In an interview with in Greece he said: “In the United States it’s dead. There are almost no rock bands anymore on the charts if you look. Foo Fighters maybe once in a while but the fact is the heavy rock scene is completely dead from a commercial stance as the charts are all dance music".

“And in Europe too for that matter but it is important to understand that even though it is not current to the young people it is a huge business to millions of fans around the world who still love it and tend to be a bit older".

“We are looking at a changing landscape right now. Will it come back again? It may but it’s very much marginalised right now which is a shame. The rock star image that one had 10 to 30 years ago is not the image anymore. People are seeing the hip-hop and dance artist adopting these sorts of lifestyles and projecting them around the world as some sort of a symbol".

“The symbol of Keith Richards or Axl Rose or Led Zeppelin or of excess and all that on the rock side is almost invisible at this point. So yes the Rolling Stones, ACDC or Judas Priest can still go on tour and Twisted Sister can go on tour and be more popular than we’ve ever been but young people who listen to new music? It’s not that popular just now and I think that’s just the cycle we are going through.”

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