Monday, May 23, 2011


Hinder’s Mike Rodden understands it’s tough for fans to afford to go to shows while the economic situation remains bad.

Talking to WGRD Radio, about their upcoming appearance at the Wingstock Festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he said that the band were happy to help: “Times are tough and people still want to see rock shows, so if we can help pot with the ticket prices and get people to come out, we’ll do what ever we can.
“We’re feeling it too; it’s pretty out of control”

Organisers wanted to keep prices fixed at $25 and $30 for the event headlined by Hinder and with Seether, Sick Puppies and local band Wayland also on the bill so the bands agreed to play for reduced fees.
But Rodden says it isn’t always so rough on the road and laughed that

Hinder really enjoy going out with Nickelback: “The Nickelback boys are always fun, because they’ve got endless amounts of money, so we can pretty much do as we want – that’s always fun! They’re taking us pretty much everywhere you can imaging and they’re always picking up the bill”

Hinder are currently touring with Red, Kopec and Royal Bliss and will stop off at Grand Rapids for Wingstock on June 11 at the Fifth Third Ball Park

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