Wednesday, May 11, 2011


David Coverdale
David Coverdale admits he got into music for the ‘chicks’ – but he’s proud of how well Whitesnake are currently doing as an artistic force.

And he says he’s still angry over rumours he might work with Van Halen, which he insists have no truth to them whatsoever. Coverdale tells Guitar International: “At first I got into this for the chicks – it was a real lustful thing. But once I heard the emotional reservoir of the blues, that was it for me. Whitesnake is flourishing. It’s been getting more and more successful over the past five years. Our new CD, Forevermore, is a success already; the response from critics and fans has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The frontman adds he doesn’t feel the need to compare modern album sales to those of the late 80s: “Nowadays you can make a record for a tenth of the price, so I only have to sell a tenth of the records and Whitesnake is doing well.”

And he points out another indicator of the band’s vitality: “When we put the word out that we’re looking for new snakes, people line up. Guitarists can’t wait to do Still of the Night live – and that delights me. If I didn’t put out new CDs I’d be on American Idol. I’d rather go home, be a househusband and take up knitting.”

Some years ago rumours began circulating that Eddie Van Halen and Coverdale would be working together. But the Whitesnake mainman shouts the whole drama down. “Someone on  the inside told me the Van Halen camp floated the idea on the internet,” he explains. “I was so angry about that – I was semi-retired at the time, and anyway I like being my own boss. I haven’t spoken to Eddie since he came up to my hotel room in London when I was working with Jimmy Page. He knocked the door and asked if JImmy was there, then got on his knees in front of Pagey, asking him how he played this thing and that thing. It was very sweet. But he also went straight to my minibar at ten in the morning…”

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