Thursday, May 26, 2011


Chad Kroeger
Chad Kroeger and Marianna Goriuk split in 2009 after nearly seven years together, during which time the musician’s income exploded towards last year’s figure of $9.7m a year. When their common-law relationship ended he agreed to make payments, but she took him to court in Vancouver to demand more – including $5100 per month for pet care including a horse he bought for her for her birthday.

Goriuk argued their “lavish lifestyle” required regular payments of $95,000 but judge Anne MacKenzie settled on the lower figure after Kroeger stated she hadn’t been supportive of his career. Judge MacKenzie said: “Their lifestyle was extravagant. They spent unlimited amounts to improve their properties. They ordered expensive food and wine, took private jets to Mexico and other places, hired helicopters at the last minute to fly to Vancouver for the the evening and travelled in limousines.”

Kroeger, who’s thought to be worth $50m in total, told the court that Goriuk “resented Nickelback touring, was not musically inclined and made insignificant contributions to business endeavours.” Former hairdresser Goriuk, who met the singer at a concert, will receive the support payments until a full trial begins on August 15.


  1. Woman never stop amazing me.. why can't she be thankful ..obviously no marriage meant something..i.e."not meant to be...the guy and his band broke their ass to get where they are and she was along for a fun ride..what a B--ch........... and freeloader..

  2. Regina H. MiloneJuly 25, 2011 at 5:20 PM

    I think that Mr. Kroeger's ATTY should bring up the man's average income, why not go back to the days when he was heaving furniture for a living and base her spousal (dumb word for people were not married) on that? Bet she wouldn't of gone after him then figuratively and literally. If her life style "Pre-Chad" was based on a 12k income she would be more use to that considering the short time they were together..If someone is fortunate enough to meet someone who was kind enough to provide this "lavish life style" off of his hard work motivation and talent..she should do the right thing and simply just say "Thank you" grateful . He is already doing way more then he should or even has to marriage is a whole different ball game the Sport F-n for a whopping 6 six years..Thus NY does NOT have common law marriage any longer and even here it was 7 years..these articles say 6 1/2 maybe just 7 wow she wasn't to motivated by the laws huh? that in itself shows "intent to screw" all over it...10k a month not enough?? 25k not enough?? I would love to meet this man and had all that fun for 6.5 years I would be more then grateful... Well Mr. K hope you "Figured her out!" good luck