Thursday, May 5, 2011


Bryan Adams
In an interview released by Italian journalist Barbara D'Antuono, Bryan Adams admits that his first time in New York City wasn't so pleasant.

"I registered at the Iroquois Hotel on 44th Street. Everything I possessed was in one suitcase, I also had a credit card and 25 dollars in cash. I wanted to sleep but I was too excited so I sat for a while looking at the light of the hotel sign that was flooding the room. Unfortunately my happiness was shattered when I lifted the sheets on the bed and I saw that it was swarming with insects".

"I had noticed that next door there was another hotel called Algonquin so, after some negotiating at the front desk, I registered there, exceeding my credit card limit for emergencies and making friends with the guy at reception".

They gave me a single room at the back facing water tanks and a washhouse, but it did not matter: I was in NYC on my own for the very first time. It was 1981, I was 21 and I was about to cut my second record"

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