Friday, April 15, 2011


Syd Barrett's self-portrait
A self-portrait painting by Pink Floyd vocalist Syd Barrett, which was stolen from London’s Idea Generation Gallery on Saturday, has been returned.

The Wire reports the robbery took place on Saturday, where it was part of the Syd Barrett Arts & LettersLibby Gausden between 1961 and 1962. exhibition. The gallery offered £2,000 for the return of the painting, which Barrett made for his then girlfriend

Gausden went public with a plea for the art to be returned. "I am very upset at the theft of the painting, it has huge personal value to me and I am appealing for its safe return," she said.

The painting was on show for the first time, and was stolen in the middle of the afternoon between 2:15pm and 3pm. Good news came on Monday, when it was announced that the painting had been returned; it was mysteriously posted back to the gallery undamaged and intact.

Previous paintings by Barrett, who died in 2006, have sold for thousands of pounds at auction.

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