Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Free Reign
One can be forgiven if news of a band consisting of pro football players brings to mind the Chicago Bears’ “Super Bowl Shuffle.” But metal giants (literally!) Free Reign are the real deal.

Recently, Dallas Cowboy players Marc Colombo and Leonard Davis teamed up with former Cowboy Cory Procter (now a Miami Dolphin) and non-footballer Justin Chapman to form Free Reign. The group won the “Most Metal Athletes” award at last year’s Golden Gods Awards and garnered raves from some of metal’s biggest stars. We had a great response/vibe with some of metal's elite—Rob Halford, Vinnie Paul, etc.,” said singer Colombo. “It reassured us we were on the right path.”

Now, the group are releasing their first full length album, Heavier Than Metal, which hits stores today. With the upcoming NFL season in jeopardy due to a lock out by owners, Free Reign may have more free time to tour than they had originally figured. Still, the band are making football their #1 priority… for now.

“Our tour schedule is still limited, due to our current jobs as football players,” said Procter, the band’s drummer. “And will be that way until we've all retired and passed that point in our lives. When that happens, we'll collect as a band and hopefully do as many shows as we can. With every show we do, the better we get as a live band. We've had some great shows and great insight from other bands to help us create a better show for our fans. When fans come to our show, they can expect loud, heavy hitting music that will leave you banging your head, with your metal horns in the air!”

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