Saturday, April 23, 2011


Jared Leto
30 Second to Mars and actor Jared Leto says he published a video clip of him playing Kurt Cobain to mark the anniversary of the Nirvana icon’s death – and not in an attempt to publicly audition for the upcoming biopic.

A movie is being planned and Leto is thought to be in the frame for the lead role – but he insists he shot the clip 18 months ago while he was “trying out” the character for his own purposes. He tells NME: “I ran into Kurt’s widow, Courtney Love, one night. She told me to read the biography Heavier than Heaven. I was curious, so I filmed myself exploring the character. It was really just an exercise in exploration – I never sent it to the studio and I didn’t have a grand plan".

“Then I heard it was the anniversary of his death, so I just thought I’d put it out there. I’ve always been incredibly grateful for his contribution" - Leto admits - “I’d heard they were making a movie,” but his interest doesn’t mean he’d definitely sign up for the job. “It would depend on the script and the director. But I didn’t put this out to audition for the role. That’s not what it was about.”

The YouTube video has been viewed nearly 600,000 times, with a popularity split of 5832 likes versus 727 dislikes

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