Sunday, April 17, 2011


The Kinks
Ray Davies will meet brother Dave next week to discuss a Kinks reunion, and says: “I’ll do it if he will.”

The 60s icons have been the subject of reunion rumours for years, although it’s never come to fruition, often due to the heated rivalry between the Davies brothers. The closest they came was a planned gathering a few years ago, which was called off after bassist Peter Quaife, who’s since died, began suffering kidney problems.
But Ray hopes the remaining members can finally get back together.

He tells Rolling Stone: “I was just listening to some tracks I did with Mick Avory, our original drummer, and they’re sounding good. I’m seeing Dave next week. I hear he’s been saying stuff in the press like, ‘I’ll do it, but Ray doesn’t want to do it.’ I know he’s expressed an interest, and also that he’s called me an asshole – it depends what side of bed he gets up on. Well, this is me saying, ‘Ray will do it if Dave does it.’”

The frontman reveals how the pair’s father was an important sounding-board in the Kinks’ songwriting process – even though he hardly ever contributed verbally. “He was my strongest critic,” says Davies. “When he didn’t like something he wouldn’t say anything, he’d just go to the pub for a drink, which was a bad sign. But if he really likes something he’d grab me and kiss me on the cheek – which was worse. “He loved Sunny Afternoon and All Day and All of the Night. Maybe he was a secret heavy metal fan.”

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