Monday, April 25, 2011


Bono Vox
U2 frontman Bono regrets that a lot of the band’s fans aren’t “groovy” enough to enjoy some of their more club-oriented material.

He believes if followers were more open-minded they’d be happier with tracks like Get On Your Boots, the first single from the band’s 2009 album No Line on the Horizon. But bassist Adam Clayton suspects the song’s bad reception might be the band’s own fault.

Bono tells Rolling Stone: “Look, sometimes our audience isn’t as groovy as we’d like. Our song Get On Your Boots is a sort of crossover half-club, half-indie rock record. But people aren’t sure about the club half.
“They want Vertigo, and when we did the crossover stuff last time, with Discotheque from the Pop album, they didn’t like it then either.”

But Clayton reflects: “Interestingly, the song is going off live. I think what’s happened is a common U2 problem. We worked on it, and worked on it, and worked on it – and instead of executing one idea well, we probably had five ideas in the song, and it just confused people. They weren’t sure what they were hearing.”
That hasn’t stopped the band becoming record breakers in the past week, by fronting the biggest-grossing tour of all time and selling more tickets than any other tour in history during their U2 360 world trek.
They recently completed their South American leg in Sao Paolo, Brazil, after which they enjoyed a night in a karaoke bar with support band Muse. Bono, assisted by drummer Larry Mullen and Muse’s Dom Howard, performed a version of Talking Heads’ Psycho Killer, which can be seen below.

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