Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Anders Osborne
American Patchwork”, by Anders Osborne is a pure distillate of American music with a terrific singer singing great stories.  

Anders Osborne is a singer/songwriter with a deep understanding of traditional American musics and he  uses this knowledge to adorn, embellish, and decorate his lyrical ideas.  He's not a bluesman looking for a record to happen or needing something resembling a song to contain his virtuosic solos.  He's a poet and storyteller who sings, using songs to deliver his tales to the audience. 

“I’m very satisfied of this album – said Osborne -. Most of the tunes came about from me getting sober. I wrote them before, around or during Rehab. Just a few of the songs were a little older and related to Hurricane Katrina. My recovery and spiritual awakening played a big roll in some musical and life changes. I also had a great deal of help from Stanton Moore and Pepper Keenan whom co-produced the album with me.”

Osborne is one of the most appreciated artists by his colleagues. Recently, for example, the Italian-Canadian rocker Max Navarro in an interview has described him as one of the most talented singer, and heir of Townes Van Zandt: “I’m very flattered about it. My next goals? To write better songs, enjoy everyday and maybe someday be back to Europe for a tour”.

Anders Osborne Tour 2011
May, 5-6-7-8 New Orleans LA
May, 12 Raleigh NC
May, 13 Charlotte NC
May, 14 Ashville NC
June, 2 Annapolis MD
June, 3 Annendale VA
June 5, Augusta NJ
June, 24 Worcester MA
July, 1 Southern Pines NC
July, 2-3 Floyd VA

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  1. it would be great to see him in europe!!!!!

  2. watching Anders deliver what he does one night in Houston Texas, hearing him for the first time, seeing his movement inbetween notes dug up from some swamp bent into incredible melodic lyrical twist, just changed my outlook on blues guitar. he feels it, then layers it on like butter. Just incredible to experience this first hand.